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guys bad grades are not a sign of weakness and should never make you feel bad enough to slide into depression. 

bad grades are just reminders for us to learn that content to the point of easily retrieving that information. it is a sign of us not knowing that information well enough to spit it up from our memory.

bad grades should serve as a reminder that there is this bottom that i’ve hit and should use that as the bottom of the pool to push off of and reach the top. break the surface and breathe. don’t let the bad grades drown you.

when we fall to the bottom and succumb, we are not letting ourselves live. we are letting ourselves fall.

that being said, you define a bad grade. a 70 could be bad for person a but be spectacular for person b. so don’t base your definition of a bad grade on other peoples’ expectations/standards/goals . you make your own goal and live for it.

❝ You’re going to forget me. It won’t be fast or sudden or something where I’m clear one day and an empty space the next. But, slowly, you’ll forget the sound of my voice, and then you won’t be able to picture the shape of my face, and eventually you’ll be looking at the sky right before the clouds start pouring rain, and you won’t be able to quite place the familiarity of that color, but it will be the same gray-blue that is my eyes.
You’ll no longer know that, though. I’ll just be an outline, a blurry body of disconnected memories that occasionally fits into your past. And that’s okay. Some people aren’t meant to be remembered. I’m just one of those people.

— H.L. // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #40

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