5sos Homework

Tutor! Michael

You did not want to go to Math today… at all. Although, you did enjoy how good looking your teacher was, it still didn’t motivate you enough to go. Your high heels clicked down the tile placed on the floor, and the walls were painted with lockers. You looked at your math room. And you sighed, you opened the door fast and walked to your teachers desk holding a straight face, you gave him the green slip excusing you from being late. He took it, looked at you and smiled. You walked to your desk and threw your backpack on the floor next to you. You slumped in your seat not wanting to do anything but listen and take the notes provided.

“Can anybody tell me what the Binomial Theorem is?” Your teacher asked. Everyone stayed quiet. You played with your pencil and did anything but make eye contact with him… Mr. Markowitz. 

“Ms. Y/L/N? Do you have any ideas?” You looked at him through your shaded eyes, his green eyes looked like he wanted an answer, but wasn’t expecting it.

“If I knew, I would’ve raised my hand.” You snapped at him. Everyone slightly chuckled and you stayed straight faced, worried of what would happen next.

“And why do you think you don’t know?” He asked, folding his arms together in the process.

“I don’t know.”

“It’s because you’re never here.” Everyone chuckled and you glared at him. 

Class took longer than you thought. The bell rang and you grabbed your bag and tried to leave, but Mr. Markowitz yelled out.

“Homework! Pages 314 through 317! Y/N and Michael, please come see me.” You groaned and so did the boy in leather with the red hair. He was such a freak. You shuffled to his desk and you could hear Michael’s combat boots heavily come towards you. Mr. Markowitz eyed Michael and then you.

“So, Y/N… I understand that you are failing my class.” You blew a bubblegum bubble and nodded your head.

“And Michael is doing exceedingly well.” He rolled his eyes and did a deep chuckle.

“And Michael is going to tutor you if you want to pass my class.” Both you and Michael had your jaws on the floor.

“What?!” You both yelled.

“C-Can I please have anyone else. Please Mr. Markowitz!” Michael asked. And you decided to add in, you put your hands on your desk, pushing out your boobs and looking at your teacher.

“I’ll do anything. Please, don’t make me have a tutor… especially…. That… no offense.” You motioned to Michael and his chest rose and fell. 

“Offense taken! Mr. Markowitz please I’ll take the C just don’t pu-.” Michael was cut off by our math teacher.

“No! My decision is final! Either you tutor her, and she gets her grade up or neither of you are going to graduate!” You both shut up real quickly.

“But Mr. Markowitz, I’m going to Penn State you can’t do that to m-”

“I know what I just said, Michael! And you better help her get her grade up or I’ll revoke my letter of recommendation.” Michael put his head down and looked at the floor.

“Here is my consent form. Y/N you will need to stay in communications with Michael and do some at home tutoring. Good luck!” You took the form and left the room only to hear Michael following you.

“I need your number so I can tell you when to come over.” He said.

“Did you not hear him?” You said, Michael looked around and nodded.

“He said at home tutoring, which means you go home and I’ll go home and you’re going to lie and say that I was at your place studying. Okay?” You said. He looked at you with eyes of anger and rejection.

“No, I am not risking my full ride to Penn State for some bitch who thinks she’s too cool for school. Here’s my number and my address. Be their at 4 pm or so help me god I’ll make sure you never see graduation day.” He shoved a piece of paper into your hand and walked away. You were appalled by his choice of words but you needed to do this.

You looked at Michael’s front door and waited for him to come to the door to get you. He opened it slightly and walked away expecting you to let yourself in. You opened the door and looked around. You saw the red haired boy walk into a hallway and into a room with music blaring. You recognized the melody, so you followed it. You opened the door to find Michael at his desk writing something down.

“Shut the door.” He motioned to you. You shut it and grabbed a nearby chair and sat down right next to him.

“Get your homework out and start on it, when you get stuck let me know.” He continued writing and you took everything out. You at there and stared at your notebook, not entirely sure of what you were supposed to be doing. He stared and you and then turned in his chair so he was facing you. 

“Are you really that stupid?” He asked you.

“Don’t call me that. I don’t understand this class, I don’t know what to do… quit being a cocky little shit who wears leather and plays Pokemon with his tall ass friends during lunch.”

“Then quit being a narcissistic bitch who only cares about her next beauty pageant and boyfriend.”

“Okay, for one… I am not doing beauty pageants anymore and two… I have never had a boyfriend.”

‘I don’t care. Here… For number one you need to subtract x from both sides and then add 4 since thats how many sides a square has.

After 4 hours you had the hang of it and Michael was a lot nicer.

“S-So…. x equals… 4?” You asked him.

“Yes!” He said.

“Really?!” You squealed and bounced up and down, that was the first equation that you could do on your own. You looked over to Michael who was staring at your chest.

“Eyes are up here, Michael.” You motioned to your face.

“I-I know. You just had a hair on your shirt.” He said. You looked down… no hair in sight.

“No I didn’t?” You said. His cheeks became flustered and he looked away, obviously embarrassed. He’s helped you for 4 hours and didn’t touch his homework once, he deserved a reward. You moved his face and kissed him softly on the lips. You pulled away quickly and he smiled wide.

“Thank you, Michael. For helping me get it.”

“If I help you study for finals… Will I get a bigger reward?” He asked cheekily.

“Don’t push it, Clifford.” He giggled and you moved on to your chemistry homework. 


Alternate version?

I hope you all liked it! It’s super late here so it probably sucks! Sorry I went off of the map for a bit but I’m back and I’m gonna throw so much writing at you guys!

-Bailey :)

Preferences #30 Distracts you from studying

Your phone kept going off, it was either Calum calling you, or texting you saying ‘he missed you’ or ‘wanted a cuddle’. You tried to ignore them, as you were currently studying Maths. Which you found really difficult, so you didn’t want any distractions.
You were doing really well, starting to understand a lot of the questions, when there was a light knock on the door.
‘Come in’mYou said, not really paying attention. You ears the door creek open and feet shuffling towards you.
‘Babe?’ Calum said. You looked up a smile on your face.
‘Hey cal, what you doing here?’ You place your maths book on your desk and go up and give him a hug.
‘I was texting you but you didn’t answer, I was worried!’ You saw a slight blush in is cheeks, making you giggle.
‘Oh Cal! Im studying, and I didn’t want to get distracted..’ He nods his head understanding.
‘Should I go?’ He says, pointing towards your door. Shaking your head quickly you answer a quick no.
‘I have finished now!’ You lie, just wanting to spend time with Calum. A massive smile broke out on his face, he jumped on your bed getting ready for cuddling.

Luke was at band practise so you thought it was perfect time to do some studying. You were having a really hard time with your Chemistry homework, not understanding a single word.
Sighing in frustration, you throw you books on the bed. Wanting nothing more than Luke to walk in a give you some comforting words. Of course that wouldn’t happen, so you carry on.
About 5 minutes later, your phone goes off making you jump and drop the text book on the floor.
Quickly looking at the screen, you see your boyfriend is calling. Picking it up quickly saying a rushed hello, before trying to pick the books off the floor.
‘You okay babe? We’ve just got a break so I decided to call you’. You smile, knowing how much Luke cares.
‘Yeah just doing a bit of studying!’ You sigh, relaxing back into your uncomfortable chair.
‘Oh do you want to carry on?’ He says, his voice sad. Shaking your head, you realise he can’t see you. Letting out a laugh you reply a no.
‘Oh okay, maybe I can help?’

Two weeks. Thats how long it has been. 14 days, since you and Ashton broke up. He was constantly on your mind, regretting what you said to him. Was it actually necessary for you to break up?
Trying to distract yourself from those thoughts, you move onto studying. After about 20 minutes, of hard work you find yourself going back to Ashton
‘Did we really need to break up?’ You whisper to yourself, sighing annoyed at yourself you go back to Geography homework.
‘I hate this’ You mutter, talking about everything. But you know there is nothing you can do to change it.
An idea pops into your head, running out of the room you quickly pulls some shoes on. And run out the door basically sprinting towards Ashton house.
When you arrive at the door, you are out of breathe, knees weak and shaking slightly. Mostly because you are nervous about Ashton reaction.
As soon as you knock on the door you regretted it, slowly stepping away from the door you find the courage to stay on your spot.
The door slowly opens, revealing a puffy eyed Ashton. His eyes widen when he sees your face, a small smile only you would notice twitched on his lips.
‘Wh-what are you doing here?’ He asks, opening the door further.
‘I came to apologise, I didn’t mean a thing that I said back then. I just, can’t concentrate on anything.’ You say, wanting to carry on but he interrupts.
‘I miss you to’ A smile grows on your lips
‘You do?!’ Your voice louder, a happier tone to it. He smiles and nods, opening his arms out for a hug. Running into them you feel the warmth that you had missed, even his smell. Every single little detail running back into your mind,

‘Y/N?!’ Michael shouted up at you from the games room.
‘What?!’ You question, trying to write down the answer for a difficult question.
‘Ive got no one to play with!’ You could just imagine him, with a small pout on his lips. Sighing in frustration you have to decline, as you have a big exam coming up meaning you have to devote your life to studying.
‘Sorry Mikey’ You shout down, carrying on with your questions.
You think he has given up, because after half an hour you heard nothing. You had one final question to do before you could move onto the next page when Michael busted through the door.
A little scream escaped your lips, your pen flying towards Michael.
‘Why did you do that?’ You screech, shock still running through your veins. He smiles, proudly.
‘I wanted to catch your attention which I think I have done!’
‘Fucking hell Mikey, I could’ve had a heart attack!’ You laugh, placing the book down.
‘Come on, ill help you recover!’ He grabs your hands leading you away from your books that you had forgotten about. ‘Lets play video games!’ He screams running down the stairs with you closely behind him.
After an hour you suddenly remember your studying. ‘Mikey! What about school work?!’ You jump up, trying to run to the room but he grabs your waist, placing you on his lap.
‘You need to rest, it’s not good for your brain all that being taken in at once, give it time!’ You smile at his bad excuse, but carry on none the less.

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