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I placed an order for a college level 2-page/500 word essay for $40. I sent them a clear prompt, my resume and 2 samples of the kind of essay I was looking for. added the MLA format on top and end of the sample essay I had sent and said my order was complete. $40 for about 15 words!

When I pointed this out, they said it was a miscommunication and that the writer would send me an original essay as promised. The following is the "humorous, original, stellar" essay by a Native English speaking writer. You be the judge:

Beep Beep Beep" the annoying sound of my alarm wakes me up from my deep slumber at 4 in the morning. I wake up and go to wash my face in the bathroom. I see my drowsy face reflecting in the mirror, and I gaze at it for a few seconds. All my family members, friends, and classmates are deep in their sleep, but I am getting ready for my morning training, but the thought to get back to sleep for just a few more minutes keeps crossing mind. However, I resist the temptation wear my shoes in a hurry and get out of the house. This type of discipline and commitment has indeed defined the person and student I am today.
At a very young age, martial arts were my favorite type of movies with Jackie Chan as my favorite actor. Being a child who was bullied in school it is not surprising that I became transfixed the first time I saw Jackie Chan fighting the bad people and winning. I wanted to know how to fight like him so that I could defend my friends and myself from all the bullies in school. Being the curious kid that I was, I wanted to learn about this art; therefore, I would wake up after my mother had tucked me in bed just to practice.
After one week of practice, I would hold on to this idea that I was now experienced like Jackie Chan. The next week I would confront a bully in our class and warn him of how bad, I would beat him up if he did not stop bullying me; somehow, it worked for a few hours until after school when they confronted me and beat me up. During the beat up, I tried the moves I had practiced, but none was working. More than I ever I was determined to know how to fight, from the experience I realized that hardships push us closer to our dreams.
In the year 2006, I wrote to Father Christmas about my wish to join karate class that my parents had adamantly refused for me to join. Surprisingly he answered my letter and my parents allowed me to join the class in 2007. I found myself doing what I love most. I would stay after class; visit during leisure time for practice. After a few weeks of practice, I almost gave up as I realized I was not getting better like Jackie Chan but my coach encouraged me. From this experience, I realized that in life giving up is not an option and success does not come over night.
Karate practice is all about pain, sweat, and hard work. Through perseverance and patience, I started improving my skills. From the practices, I also realized that my body could continue longer and better than my mind would have you believe. This situation taught me to push my body and brain to their limits and to keep working to surpass the limits. From my karate skills, I developed my confidence and warned the bullies. With the confidence, I talked to them, and they changed their way. In the same way, I plan to gain patient care skills and improve the pediatric care given to my community.
Like Bruce Lee said, I am not afraid of men who trained 10,000 kicks once, however, I am afraid of men who train one kick 10,000 times, I plan to focus on my gain patient care skills and through practice improving them (User, Super). I can confidently say I conquered the fear of being weak and afraid since I have learned advanced Krav Maga. Moreover, am successful at it as I have a second-degree black belt. Now, I am moving towards the quest of conquering the world."

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When you access the homepage of, you will probably find some comfort in their words: ‘’At last! An essay-writing service you can trust!’’. But, everyone who has tried to find a good company on the market has been burned at least once, and know better than to trust the first thing they see on a website.

To actually learn if Essay Box is good, we proceeded with our research and created this review.

Writing Services Offered

You won’t be finding a Services page, so check the free calculator that can be found on the Pricing page. Here you will learn that Essay Box has an excellent choice of assignments, and provides different types of services, including writing, editing and proofreading.

We found some papers that we have only encountered on one or two other websites, such as SEO writing and SWOT analysis, so you can literally get everything here, not only academic writing services.

This would also mean that is not only aimed toward helping customers in academic institutions, but also people in need of various types of content, like web content. To do so, they need to have an enormous team of writers, with a variety of skills and experience.

Pricing and Discounts

The prices in the list are scratched, and new prices are added next to them. This should mean that there is a discount and yet, this is the condition of the Prices page for several years now (much of the feedback that dates years back mentions the same situation).

Still, $16 as a cheapest price is no so t bad, and we’d consider it average-to-high when compared to others on the same market. The interesting thing here is, the pricelist only applies to academic levels, even though EssayBox seems to be offering different types of content too.

The discounts are tricky. What looked like the common loyalty program many companies share turned out to be a different one – you can get 4%, 8% or 15% as a lifelong discount at Essay Box (most services give out 5%, 10% and 15%, or even 20%). What seems to be an advantage are the one time discounts that apply to orders over 30 pages and 50 pages, but these do not add up to the loyalty program. So perhaps, the better idea is not to use these if you plan to order in the long-term.

Paper Quality

Such tricky discount options and only 5% off your first order maintain the rates high until you have ordered a lot of pages, so we did pay a steep price for a first order. The bad news here is, the quality is not like you’d expect it to be, and raised even more concern for us. We ordered the most common paper, an essay, and based on the relatively bad quality, we cannot understand why the service decided to opt for such a wide range of services.

Customer Support

The customer support is great. They immediately got us a revision, then a second and a third one. But, when you do not get what you need after even three revisions, there isn’t much they can do.


Three revisions weren’t enough to repair the damage the writer did in our paper. Despite the efforts of the agents of the customer service, failed to provide us with the quality that fits their rates.

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