A Level Spanish Essay Example

A clear structure is highly important if you are looking to get a top grade in A Level Spanish. If you follow the same structure for every essay you write you will get into a routine so that by exam time it will come naturally!

To begin, a short introduction is necessary to outline what you are going to talk about within the essay. It may be useful to briefly contextualise the question here before stating the different themes you will be looking at throughout your essay. 

You should be aiming for 3 main themes which will in effect transfrom into 3 paragraphs. Within each paragraph you should then be looking to make 3 valid and detailed points all related to your main theme. Each point should be backed up by specific examples relating to the book/film/play/author or whatever it may be that you have studied. 

To neatly finish the essay, you should then write a conclusion which aims to answer the initial question. Be careful not to repeat your previous points and instead summarise them with slightly different wording. If you have clearly stated your opinion and answered the original question the reader will be left feeling content as the conclusion ties all of the loose ends together.

If you follow this structure with every A Level Spanish essay you write, coupled with a good vocabulary and knowledge of your topic you should be able to achieve a top grade in A Level Spanish.

  • Hi well we were going over our mock spanish paper last week and i got 15/20 which I was happy about. The problem is I am a perfectionist and the teacher's comment was that I didnt have enough "nice" phrases.
    I included things like lo bueno es que and pienso que but is there anything else I should be including. BTW I am on the AQA board if that even matters


  • Best one to learn is Ojala fuera- If only I was (imperfect subjeunctive). then follow it with a conditional. I think ojala has an accent on it

    Also continuous tenses are easy if you know how to use them
    And perfect tenses- such as I have gone he ido can be made from all tenses by changing haber- habia ido (with accent on i of habia-computer wont insert them) means I had gone

  • Learn things like cuando era pequena and try to use as many tenses as possible. Also once you have said a phrase dont use it again too much as you probably wont get any more marks for it. Well done for the 15/20 in a mock- it is near impossible to get 20/20 i got 17/20 in the real thing and ended up with an A* in it. Are you taking Spanish next year? x

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